Finally, Outsourcing That Works

Our boutique and personalised outsourcing model helps
businesses grow bigger, scale faster and reduce local labour costs

Say goodbye to freelancers and outsource agencies that are juggling your work with dozens of other clients

Tired of not getting the quality of work and speed of service you need to keep your business moving forward?
Studio Moguls is the boutique outsourcing agency that has solved the outsourcing nightmares you have been experiencing

Meet our products


Full-time staff members working solely for you – fully managed and supervised from our office. From video editors to web developers, graphic designers to social media managers. Any skill you can think of – we will hire them and you can train them as your own.

Full-time staff members from just $145 per week →

Or work with OUR fully trained staff who will produce for you:


Highest quality wedding video editors for a price that makes sense

See pricing (from $130 USD) →


Multicam, promo videos and more. We have your commercial editing covered

See pricing (from $115 USD) →


Shoot more, edit less. The no-nonsense way to increase your real estate turnover

See pricing (from $105 USD) →


Colour, crop, straighten and more. With Lightroom and Photoshop, we can match your style

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Through our unique partnership outsourcing model, we can hire full-time talent to work solely for you:

Video Editors

Premiere Pro, FCP, After Effects and Audition guru’s

Photo Editors

Photoshop and Lightroom masters


Teams that make magic happen by bringing your concepts to life

Web Developers

Staff skilled in WordPress, Magento, E-commerce and more

Graphic Designers

Pro’s that understand that design is cornerstone of everything.

SEO Technicians

Best practise SEO staff working for you is a call away

Scale Production & Reduce Your Local Labour Costs

Studio Moguls has all the tools to help every business grow, scale and reduce local labour costs with a truly boutique and personalised outsourcing model.

Australian based support

No matter what happens in our offshore office – we have a team in Australian overseeing the operation daily. Any issues and our Australian support can step in and help too

Affordable - even at scale

Our model is geared to help you grow and scale whether you are working with us on one project a month or you have a team of full-time staff working for you out of our office 

Fluent english speaking staff

Our staff speak fluent english to ensure communication is seamless and projects are delivered accurately. 

Talk direct to your staff

We cut the middleman out. Unlimited access to talk directly with your staff to provide training and feedback – in real time. Say goodbye to inconsistency

Risk free trial

We take the risk out for you by giving you a risk-free-trial on all of our products. We know what we do is world-class – so we wear the risk for you!

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