Real estate video editing and marketing are important aspects for anyone that is into this business. Videos are an effective tool to display and sell the property. It helps the buyer to make a sound buying decision and also let the seller get the property listed more effectively than it does without video. There are many ways to develop and increase your access to potential customers. 

More today than ever, video editing for real estate is indispensable because most sellers and agents are looking for videos to promote their listings. However, in the real estate video industry, where there is a lot of competition, there are some things you can do to make sure you are one of the first they approach. Here is a list of 10 ways you can win more real estate video work and stay ahead of your competition.    

10 Ways to Win More Real Estate Video Work

  1. Show your expertise: One always has to showcase their talent in every way as a real estate video editor. Always try and position yourself as an expert. Make sure you are accessible and flexible to the client’s needs. This is an industry that has a lot of competition. The more expertise you showcase the better the chances that you will have a piece of the pie. Also, showcase your journey so people can buy into not just your work but also get an insight into you and how you work. 
  2. Learn the latest technologies: Technologies, as you know, are constantly evolving, especially when you are into real estate video editing services. You, therefore, have to evolve with it. Creating a real estate video is a complex and elaborate process. Your end-user of the video will in all likelihood take the due diligence to research about the latest and ask you if you can do that. Therefore, ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and the know-how of the latest stuff. Most people are usually willing to invest in an expert.
  3. Have samples ready: When reaching out to new clients you must carry samples of videos that you have created and edited. For instance, if it is a luxury property then certainly carrying any documentary-style sample helps. However, if your client wants to create a video for a smaller-size home then this kind of sample would not help them. A slide show sample is also an effective tool to carry with you. Always make sure you have a range of samples depending on the end user’s need.
  4. Network with your friends: Make friends with your clients. More often than not, your good work helps you win more clients. So, ensure you talk to your clients, deliver the goods and have them recommend your name. Knowing that word of mouth advertising is still one of the most effective ways of marketing. Also, do not be shy to tell other friends and family about your video editing for the real estate business and encourage them to share with others.
  5. Spend on digital marketing: A lot of real estate video editors that are making clients are getting them from their digital marketing effort. When people are looking for good videographers, they often look at bloggers and online ads to get the right kind of person that will suit their needs. Therefore, getting the right kind of communication of what you do, and selling yourself online helps win more clients. Additionally, if there are websites that review your kind of work do share your best work and ask them to showcase it on their site.
  6. Learn Editing: Anyone with a camera is not someone that can create an effective real estate video. There are important decisions to make on what to angle and how to create the video. However, the other task is where editing it right comes in. Do get all the tools and resources in line and learn how to use the editing tools to get the right kind of edits for all the videos. Learn the techniques of decluttering the video, adding background music, captions, and colors, and more.
  7. Budgeting: It is very important to know that costing must be right. Know what is expected from the client, and price the entire process appropriately. Charging too much will turn potential customers away from your business. On the other hand, if you undercharge for your work you will not be able to make your business profitable. It is, therefore, most important to budget it right and also tell them why certain costs exist. Have an open conversation on why you are charging what you are intending to charge.
  8. Stay competitive: Always stay competitive. Real Estate video work is a very competitive business. There are some things that you must do to stay ahead of your competitor. This includes things like studying the audiences, creating high-quality videos, keeping a tab on the competitors, keeping it human, keeping the important things in mind. There are many things that you can do to stay competitive.
  9. Add testimonials: When you get good feedback from happy customers, encourage them to add reviews and testimonials. A testimonial from people, especially influencers and influential people helps you gain a lot more traffic to your website. This will lead to more conversion at the end of the day. When you get them to comment and get their permission to display it, more people are likely to be influenced and approach you for work.  
  10. Provide options: The more variety you have the more the chances you will get as a real estate video work. There are different types of videos and different tools, and different kinds of recordings that you do. Slide shows, virtual house tours, documentary-style videos, and more. Providing all kinds of options with different budgets helps potential customers choose and make the choices that they want, based on their budget. Blend with the client’s needs and you will see more clients coming your way. 

The real estate video business is indeed booming right now. However, you getting a piece of the pie will require you to do a few things. Also, it will require you to be part of the competition, yet be different. You will need to be able to convince your potential customers that they did well coming to you. You will need to stand out of the crowd that is in the real estate video editing industry right now. You will need to increase your techniques to serve your audiences. As anyone in the business knows, you are as good as your last video so make it count.    

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