Exploring the Art of Aesthetic Photography

Have you ever found yourself captivated by a photograph, wondering what makes it so extraordinary? What if there’s a secret to transforming a simple image into a masterpiece? Could there be a hidden formula for capturing photography aesthetic? To uncover these enigmas, let’s embark on a journey into the realm of aesthetic photography.

At its core, aesthetic photography is about capturing the unmistakable details in a composition that makes the viewers want to pause and take a second look. For instance, a photograph of a dewdrop on a leaf, with the light refracting through it, can be a stunning subject that one look is not enough. So, without further ado, let’s dive headfirst into the world of Aesthetic Photography and know everything there is to know about it.

Understanding Aesthetics in Photography

Truthfully, there are no guidelines or defining protocols for making an aesthetic picture. As it has been iterated for generations, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But then again, certain features or characteristics stand out to nearly every eye.

That is what photography aesthetics is all about. It is about capturing the little details (colours, shadows, shapes, contrasts, quirks, lines, symmetry, shapes, depth, etc.) and how that photograph makes the other person feel. 

Style vs. Aesthetics

Before we proceed further, one critical point needs to be addressed: Style in photography is not the same as aesthetics of photography. Yes, it can be referred to as an extension of the other, but it cannot be defined as just that.


A photographer’s influence, inspiration, and preferences come into play when shaping the style of a photo. It’s a personal journey that can be influenced by various technical and material factors. For instance, a photographer’s style might be shaped by their choice of equipment (lenses) or preferred camera settings. These are just a couple of factors contributing to a photo’s style. Style is something that can be honed through the repeated use of specific tools to achieve a desired shot.


Aesthetics are not as technical and cannot be defined as distinctly because of the variable nature of the term. It is more about capturing the little things that make significant differences. An aesthetically pleasing photograph will utilise space, dimensions, patterns, lines, and more to provide a sense of coherence and satisfaction, which makes the photo look ‘aesthetically pleasing.’ Aesthetic photography is about using uniformity, structure, and lines, recognising patterns or distinct elements, and highlighting these elements. Factors like lighting, framing, and other techniques play a vital role here. 

Concepts of Aesthetics for Better Photography

Following someone else’s style and ideas will only get you so far. If you want to identify what clicks for you and what your style and aesthetic appeal are, this section will help you immensely. Here, we will discuss concepts that will polish your skills behind the lens and help you develop your sense of style and aesthetics. They are as follows:

  • Symmetry:

    Symmetry is one of the most popular and simplest ways to instantly make a picture look ten times better. It balances the different elements in the photo and accentuates the overall appeal. The more symmetry you can create with your framing, the easier it will be to achieve the desired effect. 

  • Leading Lines:

    Understanding leading lines and their concept will help immensely, especially in aesthetic still life photography. Leading lines help guide the viewer’s eyes where you want them to focus. Creating horizontal and vertical leading lines when clicking a picture will help you realise what you want the viewers to focus on within the picture. A common trick is using a tall tree or building to guide the creation of leading lines. It also adds depth to the picture, especially if you can contrast the distance between two subjects.

  • Using Triangles:

    When clicking a picture, use shapes like the triangle to find a strong balance. Using triangles and other shapes correctly will make the picture look more coherent. They can make a picture look grand or compact and spunky. Triangles can be found all around us (buildings, roads, bridges, etc.). Use leading lines to enhance the triangle and highlight the essence of the picture.

  • Rule of Thirds:

    This is a widespread technique most professional photographers use when clicking aesthetic photographs. The idea is to divide the entire frame into three equal halves, using horizontal and vertical lines as a grid. Then, place the crucial subjects or elements of your picture along these lines or right near the intersection of these lines. This will add more depth to the pictures and highlight what needs to be highlighted correctly. Let’s take ‘couple photography’ for example. If the idea is to click aesthetic black and white couple photos, then make sure the couple is ideally in the frame so you can apply the rule of thirds. You can experiment with the depth of field, but ensure that all other subjects are not in the foreground or focus. This will create a rich effect, which works well in this case. 

  • The Rule of Odds:

    Another famous professional technique is using the rule of odds. It has been observed that a picture that has an odd number of subjects (say 3, 5, or even 7) is more aesthetically pleasing. This is because, in odd numbers, subjects are perceived as a group, and it is easier to make them look more natural. To enhance it, you can leave empty spaces in the frame. This will add to the picture’s natural element and enhance the subjects’ beauty. 

  • Juxtaposing:

    This technique can be tricky to perfect, but it can result in stunning pictures when applied correctly. Juxtaposing in photography means combining two different and individual elements or primary subjects in a picture in perfect harmony to create a very different or quirky story. 

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What is aesthetic photography?

Aesthetic photography primarily focuses on capturing visually appealing images that evoke a sense of beauty and emotions in viewers. It often involves careful consideration of composition, colour combination, lighting, and subject matter to craft a pleasing result.  

Is photo editing necessary in aesthetic photography?

Yes, image editing is crucial. It helps the photographer adjust elements like brightness, contrast, sharpness, and more to enhance the overall look and feel of the photograph.