A wedding is a truly indescribable experience in every manner. No matter where in the world you go, it’s hard to find an occasion that’s celebrated with more pomp and circumstance, sometimes lasting weeks and even months! Of course, the only way to freeze these memories in time is through photography and videography which is where you come in. You love capturing a couple’s special moments, but when stitching together a final wedding montage, you find yourself stuck, unable to do justice to their story. You’ve thought about hiring a wedding video editor but sometimes, the possible costs of wedding video editing are enough of a deterrent to make you hit the brakes.

Now, before you make any rash decisions, hear me out. Editing is a tedious, time-consuming, and often draining side effect of living out your content creation dreams. For those who are skilled, they love it. In fact, it allows them to thrive! But for others? The simple thought of having to edit a wedding video, aware that this could be the determinant for whether a couple loves you or, well, doesn’t feel so great about you is just too much pressure to handle.

These ladies and gentlemen are where the beauty of an editor enters the frame (pardon the pun). Suddenly, the task doesn’t seem so daunting after all. In fact, dare I say you’re even looking forward to handing the picture-perfect video off to the newlyweds? We would be too, if the editor has helped in bringing it to the stage it’s in!

Still not convinced? That’s totally fine. We’ve got a laundry list of ideas coming and ready to grab you on board, geared up for the next unforgettable video.

Why Outsource Wedding Video Editing?

Let’s kick it off with the basics. Why even bother outsourcing what seems to be a relatively simple job when you can garner the skills and produce your own content, start to finish? Well, unfortunately, nothing is quite as simple as it initially seems, and wedding video editing is no different. Here are some reasons why this might be the missing piece to your magic puzzle:

It lets you focus on what you’re passionate about.

You’re here to shoot videos, make memories, and share them with soon-to-be-wowed clientele. Luckily, outsourcing the task of editing lets you channel your energy into what you do best while ensuring that what comes out showcases the best possible output.

You can keep your costs low and your goals high.

What I’m about to say shocks most content creators, but if you do your homework, you’ll know that outsourcing a video editor for wedding footage is far more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house editor. Often times, training your in-house editor is an added investment that a content creator may not factor in, and given that the wedding industry is largely season and occasion-dependent, it’s far more cost-effective to hire an editor on a project-by-project basis rather than hiring a full-time editor who might not have a full-time, round-the-clock stream of work to keep them (and their pockets) busy.

You can ensure a quick turnaround.

This is one of those hidden perks that content creators don’t think about but once they begin taking advantage of it, well, there’s no stopping them! Outsourcing content to be edited magically and mysteriously creates space in one’s schedule to work, amazingly, on the next big thing! By leaving the editing to the professionals, you can ensure that you continue to meet your client’s needs in both a high-quality and time-effective manner that might even leave you stunned!

You can increase your production value. Drastically.

A post-production enterprise that specializes in editing content gives you the confidence and clarity that you, too, can produce top-of-the-line content that has clients satisfied and spreading the word! In a day and age where social media and marketing dictates the terms of the game and stake, there’s no better time to really embrace the skills of an editing partner who can help put you on the map, be it through his or her own contacts and recommendations or through a satisfied client’s testimony.

You can get more gigs!

As a media creator, nothing feels better than seeing your client appreciate your work. Often times, this translates into high turnaround and great results! By delivering timely, exceptional work, you’re almost guaranteeing that everyone else will be queuing up for your services in absolutely no time.

So now that that’s clear, let’s get down to the elephant in the room. What’s it going to cost you?

Sadly, like most things in life, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Or free software. Or, well, a free editor! But outsourcing your wedding video editing to a trained editor, regardless of ticket costs, can be priceless.

As a creative mind, you know that editing isn’t a slice-and-dice solution to creating quality footage. Similarly, the cost of wedding video editing isn’t a one-size-fits-all entity. It’s tailormade based on what you need, what you’re searching for, and frankly, what your budget will allow. Here are some of the factors that can affect that somewhat-intangible cost:

The level of editor professionalism:

It seems like everyone’s editing videos on their smartphones nowadays, so you need to understand that you’re paying for the real deal – a wedding video that has meat, substance, and the perfect transitions to make it all magical.

The type of film:

Wedding videos have a myriad of formats nowadays, from the cut and narrow to lip-dubs, mannequin challenges, storytelling, and more. The creativity of the editor might hike up your cost a bit, but for the happy couple (and your happier wallet), it’s well worth the investment.

The length of the raw footage you have:

As a filmmaker, you want (and need) to be prepared for any situation that comes your way, but giving your editor a mountain of footage can mean they’re going to ask for a little more cash to comb through your carefully-curated content and create something cohesive and captivating.

Number of angles:

Simply put: if you’re using a drone, you’re going to be putting more money into the editor’s hands, and for good reason.

Footage sound quality:

The editor’s job multiplies drastically when you give them low-quality audio, causing the cost of the wedding video editing itself to increase considerably. Luckily, this is an avoidable circumstance. Adequately check your audio equipment and make sure that your footage is in prime quality before you hand it over, not after.

The number of edits required:

Most video editing services will build in a few free revisions but beyond that, you’re going to need to shell out a bit more cash.

Special effects:

If you’re an adventurous filmmaker or catering to a slightly-adventurous couple, this is probably for you, so listen up. Including complicated motion graphics, 3D animation, or multiple montage sequences can all have a significant impact on the final price you’re paying and chances are, you’re not going to be able to get this from any run-of-the-mill video editor. You’re going to need a master.


As pretty much any other field of contract work, the closer the deadline is, the higher the cost of the wedding video editing work is going to be. After all, it’s only fair.

That might seem like a lot of information we’ve thrown at you – and it kind of is – but these are all important things to consider when looking at your budget, your vision, and your expected outcome.

So what’s the answer after all of this? Well, simply put, there is no fixed cost. Rates vary based on so, so many factors and, like almost anything you might encounter, it’s important to shop around first.

We suggest playing it a bit safe. Before committing to a specific editor, peruse the market a bit and amass lots of information and a variety of quotes. Remember to ask for specific details – what software will be used? How many revisions are included? How long have they been editing content? In this situation, it’s completely appropriate to ask to see previous works or a portfolio before committing to an external editing company or individual wedding video editor.

Almost anyone in the industry is aware that most of this information needs to be given during an initial consultation, so communicating and being prepared can prevent the introduction of surprise additional costs that you hadn’t budgeted for earlier.

Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to make some pro-con lists in whatever manner you choose. Sure, maybe editor X is charging 10% less than editor Y, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that editor X is the best option, especially when rectifying any mistakes and taking ownership of shoddy work will be your burden to bear when all is said in done. To be secure that the cost of wedding video editing is reasonable and justifiable, ask the experts about good price: quality ratios and make this a priority.

Being a wedding video filmmaker comes with its fair share of rewards and challenges and sometimes, all you want to do is focus on what you do best. By finding a wedding video editor that fits your cost budget and necessary requirements, you can do just that, allowing yourself to share in the joy of a couple on their big day.

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