Perth’s Perfect Backdrops: Discover Stunning Wedding Venue 

The only thing better than a grand wedding is a grand wedding with a stunning backdrop. This is due to the influence of social media and the need for picturesque wedding albums. Still, the indisputable fact is that everyone wants a wedding venue with a scenic backdrop. Not only does it make for phenomenal, breathtaking pictures, but it also adds a surreal touch to the wedding that makes it unforgettable.  

Perth, a land of unique wonders, beckons with its stunning natural landscapes and diverse wedding venues. Whether you dream of an urban-themed celebration or a wedding in the lap of nature, Perth’s wedding venues offer a plethora of backdrops that can turn your dream into a fairytale reality.

Wedding Venue Hotspots: Best Wedding Venues in Perth 

Perth has a plethora of stunning vistas, offering a diverse range of breathtaking views. It led to premium wedding venues being established in these locations, allowing people to soak in these extraordinary views while enjoying world-class amenities and comfort. From quirky industrial spaces to serene settings with an ocean view, Perth has a perfect venue for everyone and every style. In this section, we shall delve into the top wedding venues in Perth for the perfect wedding.  

First, we shall take a look at some of the quirkiest places to get married if the unconventional and individualistic style is what you are going for: 

  • Quarry Amphitheatre

    Nestled in City Beach, the Quarry Amphitheatre is a cute and cosy location for a wedding. It features a closed and covered marquee area for receptions and ceremonies. The venue has been carved alongside a limestone hill and offers tiered seating (like in a tea garden or stepped farming). Trees surround the location on either side, and there is nothing between you and the open blue sky ahead. It is the perfect location for a decent-sized, dreamy wedding.  

  • Western Australia Rowing Club

    This wedding venue can host up to 130 guests, making it the perfect venue for an intimate yet fun-filled wedding. It is located next to Barrack Square, on the famous Swan River. The beauty of this venue is that it offers an unobstructed view of the city skyline and the cool, nautical breeze from the Swan River. If bright city lights and the soothing sound of a river make you feel like you’re on top of the world, then the Western Australia Rowing Club is a venue you must consider. 

  • Brookside Vineyard

    If you want your wedding to be a party in a vineyard, then Brookside Vineyard is your best bet. It offers the perfect space for wedding guests to unwind in. Thanks to its eclectic, rustic charm, it is also ideal for a small garden party. It can easily be turned into one of the prettiest and most vibrant venues you have ever seen.  

  • Nedlands Yacht Club

    There is indeed no shortage of Yacht Clubs in Perth, but the Nedlands Yacht Club stands out from the rest. The venue offers sprawling lawn spaces with lush green grass overlooking the ocean where you can set up a wedding tent and still have space for additional pop-up shops (if that is something you want to do). The calm and tranquil shoreline sets the right mood for a wedding during the day. It can also turn into the ideal wedding party venue at sundown or night, with the bright lights from the city and the far-away yachts adding to the magic of the wedding. 

Now, we shall discuss some of the more scenic and grand wedding venues Perth that you can consider if ‘majestic’ is the theme of your big day: 

  • Caversham House

    Not only is the Caversham House an award-winning wedding and reception venue, but its French-inspired architecture makes it the perfect location for an exquisite wedding party. The venue is located in Swan Valley and offers multiple venues within the estate that can be used for different ceremonies. The hidden garden sits terraced on the banks of the Swan River with waterfalls and jetties, while the Garden House features large French doors and Tiffany chairs. Every corner of this imperial wedding venue oozes opulence and regality. 

  • Sittella Winery & Restaurant

    The Sittella Winery & Restaurant boasts an Italian-themed backdrop with unmatched views for wedding photography. The valley is expansive and consists of the Darling Range escarpment, making it one of this list’s most scenic wedding venues. It is located in Heme Hill and is an absolutely breathtaking wedding venue with a dedicated team that makes the experience more enjoyable and comfortable. 

  • Matilda Bay Restaurant

    This one is in the heart of the beautiful city of Perth. If the idea is to find a peaceful, scenic, but gorgeous venue close to the city bay, then the Matilda Bay Restaurant is the perfect wedding venue for your needs. The restaurant features a well-sized deck overlooking the bay, meaning unobstructed harbour and city skyline views. It is truly a magical venue for sundown wedding parties or evening wedding ceremonies. The venue can accommodate up to 250 people (combining indoor and outdoor areas), making it a hotspot for sought-after wedding venues in Perth.  

  • The Vines Resort & Country Club

    The Vines Resort & Country Club is one of Perth’s most elegant and charming wedding venues. This venue is also nestled in Swan Valley and offers versatile and expansive wedding spaces throughout the venue. You can opt for their private vineyard wedding ceremony, or you can choose to utilise their massive outdoor area to have one large wedding party. Additionally, the Novotel Resort offers enough accommodations for you and your guests, making the wedding a complete retreat-like experience while staying in the heart of the city.   

Bring Out The Best of Each Scenic Photo with the Best Wedding Editors in Perth. 

Finalising and selecting the dream venue is the first step in realising your fantasy wedding. After the wedding is over, all you are left with is the everlasting bond of marriage and the precious memories of the day, and one day is not enough to enjoy every single moment of that momentous day. That is why it’s crucial to trust the professional expertise of Studio Moguls, the best wedding editors and photographers in Perth, Australia, for all your wedding highlights, reels, and pictures.  

  • Samples

    The best way to gauge an editor’s competence is to observe and learn from his body of work. Before hiring an editor, get samples of his previous work. If it aligns with what you want, then nothing like it. If it doesn’t, then you can pitch your ideas to them and see if that is something that they can deliver. 

  • Recommendations

    Doing your own research before hiring someone is crucial, but it is also extremely important to heed recommendations. If one or more people recommend an editing agency to you, it only makes sense to learn more about them. For example, Studio Moguls is a complete wedding media solutions provider that is highly recommended for people looking to hire the most creative and committed wedding editors.  

  • Economical

    Contrary to popular belief, price point is not always an accurate or correct indicator of quality of work. It is essential to choose an economical option regardless of the budget.  

  • Communication

    It is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for your wedding editor. It is critical, and an editor who goes the extra mile, understands the vision and communicates transparently is rare.  

Why Choose Studio Moguls? 

We understand that choosing an editor or wedding videographer Perth might be confusing, given the different options available in the market. However, certain names have proven to be better than the rest through consistency in customer service, quality of work, and dependability. One such name is Studio Moguls.  

In this section of the article, we shall explain how our versatile team at Studio Moguls made us industry leaders in wedding media solutions: 

  • Quick Delivery

    Turnaround time plays a vital role in determining the caliber of an editor or a wedding editing agency. Taking days on end to get the job done is neither desired nor encouraged. Studio Moguls boasts an unbelievable turnaround time of 5 days for most projects. What’s more, they can deliver quicker if the projects are submitted in bulk. 

  • Revisions and changes

    The first and most important thing that wedding editing service providers need to understand is that the client might be less than 100% satisfied with the first draft. It might take multiple revisions and changes to achieve precisely the client’s wants. The team at Studio Moguls is open to modifications or changes, no matter how many times they are required. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance for the Studio Moguls team. 

  • Australian-based support

    Studio Moguls has a really efficient and competent customer service system based in Australia. The expert personnel are always at your beck and call, ready to solve any problems you might face.   

  • Direct communication with the Editor

    One of the biggest reasons behind submission delays or dissatisfaction among clients is the complex communication network between the client and the editor. With Studio Moguls, mediators are not involved. You can directly communicate any feedback or grievances to the editor. 

  • Money-back guarantee

    Our confidence lies in our ability to go above and beyond our own promises, and that is what our customers love about us the most. With Studio Moguls, you can try a risk-free trial. At the end of it, if you are not 100% satisfied with the results, then you get your money back.  

To Wrap It Up 

A perfect wedding is one where every piece fits together like a beautiful puzzle. Finding your dream wedding venue Perth can be tricky, but the options mentioned above are stunning locations that can accommodate all your guests and fantasies. However, if you want to make this day last for a lifetime, you cannot do away with an average wedding video or photo editor. Studio Moguls offers a wide range of top-notch services relating to wedding media solutions that you can avail of at an agreeable rate. Contact us to know more. 


Can I dictate the editing styles for my wedding photoshoot? 

Of course, you can. You can instruct your editor to edit photos the way you want. A B&W theme, a retro theme, or a clean, modern look – all you need to do is inform your editor and coordinate with them. 

Can I speak to the editor myself, or is there a process? 

Yes, you can speak directly with the editor yourself. At Studio Moguls, we believe in transparency and convenience. We eliminate intermediaries by allowing our clients to communicate directly with our wedding editors. 

Can a good photographer transform my wedding? 

It is important to find premier services of photography in Perth but not without hiring an equally adept wedding editor. You can visit the Studio Moguls’ website to learn more about hiring for both.

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