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Wedding vows, pre-wedding celebrations, ring exchange ceremonies—all of these are only a few of the countless invaluable moments that constitute a wedding. It is more than just another celebration that brings people together. A wedding commemorates a lifetime of a divine union filled with joy and laughter..

Capturing these moments and conveying the emotions through those pictures ensures that these fleeting moments are preserved for a lifetime—in their true essence. That is precisely what a wedding editor does best, which is why more and more people are hiring or outsourcing wedding photo and video editors recently. 

The right wedding editor will do more than colour your pictures or create a highlight reel of your wedding. They can weave together a mesmerising fairytale of love and happiness that evokes profound emotions and memories for a lifetime. This article will explain what hiring editing services for wedding photography Sydney means and how it can increase the emotional impact of your wedding memories.

Wedding Photo & Video Editing Techniques That Leave an Impression

This article will discuss the techniques and factors to consider when hiring a wedding photo and video editor. We will also highlight some of the most preeminent approaches to wedding edits that have worked wonderfully. Here are some techniques that your editor should be using to make your wedding album or your highlight reel a unique collection of the most treasured memories:

  • Presets:

    Using Presets is a technique that minimises turnaround time and acts as a guide for editors. Presets do most of the heavy lifting regarding basic corrections and enhancements, giving the editors an idea of what can work and what needs to be removed. In other words, using presets is a great way to get a headstart. Moreover, this technique will save hours if you are working with a time crunch.

  • Exposure:

    The mood of a picture needs to be perfectly encapsulated; to do that, the editor needs to know how to work with the image’s exposure. For example, if it’s an outdoor pre-wedding or ring exchange ceremony, the exposure slider should be turned on a manageable amount. It should give the viewer a breezy and bright feeling when they look at the picture or the video. On the other hand, if the theme is dark and mystical, the exposure must be controlled to ensure that the video or the picture doesn’t look too bleak or pale. The darker tones need to be highlighted more in this scenario. 

  • White Balance:

    White balance errors are prevalent and something that many editors tend to overlook. It may seem ignorable, but a slight error can make a drastic difference. The white balance should be consistent throughout the video or the bridal album. The changes are subtle, so editors need to ensure they get each picture or frame of video right. After editing the videos or the photos, the editor should revisit the entire set of videos and pictures to ensure the white balance is uniform.

  • Tint:

    Tint and White Balance work in harmony to create the warmth of the picture. Skin tones and other pops of colour need to be enhanced or toned down to achieve a smoother and more elegant look. The editor needs to ensure that the skin tones neither look dull nor saturated when toying with the tint. Creating warmth by dimming extra colours and highlighting the subject’s tone will create a mesmerising picture. 

  • Utilising the Brush:

    Applying presets will make the job easier, but some photos need that little extra touch. In those cases, it is best to selectively adjust those areas of the video or the picture. The idea is to minimise distractions and remove flaws; the easiest way is to use the brush to highlight areas that need to be highlighted. You can also drag down the dodge and the burn of certain areas to achieve a more consistent and exuberant wedding reel or pictures. 

Top 5 Things To Consider When Hiring A Wedding Video & Photo Editor

Technical skills are the primary concern here, but one must remember the other skills that are just as important. Time management, request handling, delivery, and coordination are valuable skills that an editor must possess because they set them apart from the rest. Listed below are some of the most important things to consider when looking for services in bridal photography in Sydney:

  • Cost-effective:

    You want to avoid hiring an editor who delivers but comes with a bill that burns a hole in your pocket. There are plenty of options for editors, and it is essential to research before opting for one. The idea is to find an editor who understands the vision and charges economically. 

  • Has Their Style:

    It is possible for you not to realize the true potential of a bunch of wedding reel footage. Therefore, it is also possible to have a restricted and controlled idea of what it can be. Being able to see beyond that and be able to implement more than what is needed is what an excellent editor does best. Adding their flair and style is what makes them different. So, when looking for a wedding editor, make sure the one you pick has an evident and individualistic style that shows and resonates with your unique wedding story. It will make you feel understood and valued, knowing that your editor is dedicated to telling your story most authentically.

  • Attention To Detail:

    A proficient editor will quickly recognize the tiny details that others would usually miss. Tending to these details, fixing the littlest of errors, and enhancing the right nuances can totally transform an ordinary clip or picture. Most editors focus on the bigger things—contrast, shading, etc. However, the magic happens in small details like fixing blemishes, balancing the warm tones, and removing distractions.

  • Effective communication:

    A Key Element in Outsourcing Wedding Editing Services. Timely and clear communication with your editor can streamline the editing process, letting you focus on other aspects of your wedding planning. 

  • Portfolio:

    Only choose an editor with samples or a portfolio to show unless it is someone you trust and know. An experienced and sought-after wedding photography Sydney editor will have impressive work to show. This solidifies their standing and calibre, which is non-negotiable when outsourcing their services. 

Discover the Top 5 Reasons That Set Studio Moguls’s Wedding Editors Apart

Realising what a wedding album needs or what message a wedding highlight reel should convey is only the first actionable step in creating the ultimate memory for the bride and the groom. The implementation and realisation are where most people need to catch up. However, if you are partnering with the team at Studio Moguls, you have nothing to worry about. Here are the top 5 reasons for choosing Studio Moguls for all your Sydney photography editing needs:

  • Impressive TAT:

    TAT, or Turnaround Time, is the duration between procuring the project and delivery. Some editors promise good results, while others promise quick delivery. At Studio Moguls, we deliver on both fronts. Our samples are extraordinary, and we have an incredible turnaround time of 5 days only (less if projects are submitted in bulk).

  • Ease of Communication:

    In most cases, if you outsource editors through a website or a reputable brand name, a chain of command and communication can cause hindrances and slow progress. Studio Moguls has eliminated any downtime in that area by allowing clients to communicate directly with their editors. This way, any feedback can be submitted to the editor.

  • Unlimited Revisions:

    Studio Moguls has a reputation for ensuring that each client is happy and satisfied with what they paid for—no matter how many revisions it takes. Our experts understand that you may change your mind after the first draft or want something more. That is the reason we offer unlimited revisions to our clients.

  • Prompt Customer Service:

    Most people looking to outsource wedding editors choose Studio Moguls because of their impeccable and highly trained customer service executives. Based out of Australia, our competent and skilled customer service wing is always at your beck and call, ensuring you have no complaints.

  • Consistency:

    Studio Moguls is a revolutionary platform for you if you undertake projects in bulk. To maintain consistency and ease of communication, you can avail yourself of the same editor services through us (unless you want a different editor for your needs). This makes it easy to communicate the idea and work in cohesion to generate stellar wedding videos and albums.

In a Nutshell, 

Editing is more than tweaking a few things on an expensive editing software. Hiring an editor is as important as hiring a professional photographer Sydney, and for good reason. It requires creativity, vision, perseverance, and an understanding of the client’s needs and requirements. At Studio Moguls, we boast a team of editors and experts who are more than equipped to accommodate requests and go the extra mile every time. With our holistic and versatile approach to extending our services, Studio Moguls has quickly become the most sought-after wedding editor agency in the market. Visit our website to learn more and explore your options. 


How long does it take for you to deliver?

Well, our TAT is mostly five days. However, depending on the project, if extensions are needed, it is communicated well before so that you do not face any inconveniences. 

Can I make suggestions or send samples instead of using the stock ones?

Of course! The idea behind editing through Studio Moguls is to get you what you want and more. If you have a remarkable idea for editing a picture or a video, you can tell our editor, and they will get the job done.

How long does it take to edit a wedding video or a wedding album?

It can usually take anywhere between 5 hours and ten days, depending on the project’s requirements. However, Studio Moguls’s efficient group of expert editors can deliver superior-quality work within five days. 

What are the responsibilities of a wedding editor?

The responsibilities can vary depending on the task. An editor is expected to coordinate with the videographers or photographers, understand the primary client’s needs, select footage, build a story, and add life to it.