Brisbane’s Hidden Gems

Planning a wedding can be an arduous task if the planning is not on point. You start in high spirits, excited by all possibilities and promises, but with a hundred little details taking up your entire bandwidth, finding the perfect wedding venue and the right Brisbane wedding photographer quickly turns into a fretful affair. 

In this article, we have taken the stress out of your wedding planning by providing a carefully curated list of some of the best wedding venues in Brisbane. No matter your budget or wedding style, Brisbane’s diverse and exquisite wedding venues will make your dream wedding a reality, relieving you of the daunting task of searching through countless options.

Things To Consider When Budgeting for a Wedding Venue 

Finding the perfect wedding venue takes time, but knowing where to start or having a curated list of venues helps get the ball rolling faster. Certain factors play a significant role in deciding which wedding venue is appropriate for you. Mentioned below are some of the most important things you need to take into account when shortlisting wedding venues: 


The most crucial factor when selecting a venue is the budget you are willing to put aside just for the venue. It is easily one of the more significant expenses you will incur. Now, every wedding needs to have a budget; when working on that budget, people need to decide the scale of the wedding venue. For example, they can either want an estate or a quaint but pretty wedding barn, and the wedding cost will depend on the venue. Going for a cheaper one will free up money that can be spent elsewhere, whereas opting for a lavish, expansive venue will give you more flexibility in decor and accommodation. 


Just because a venue fits your bill in one way doesn’t mean it suits you best. One significant mistake people make is opting for a venue that is too far away from the city centre or where most people stay. Finding a wedding venue that is moderately close to the city or is easily accessible (commuting is easy) is a significant factor. 


If you are paying a hefty amount for your wedding venue, ensure that it comes with enough accommodation. The venue’s on-premise accommodation facilities might not suffice if you have a large wedding party. But it can still help cut down on some costs. If the wedding party is small, you can save a lot of money. 


 Ideally, the wedding venue you choose must offer flexibility. In other words, you should aim to find a wedding venue that has additional areas accessible to the people. It gives you more control over the ambience and decor. A wedding venue with a vineyard can be turned into a spectacular location for the ring-exchange ceremony. Open areas and beachfront properties work well to set the right mood. 

To summarise, choosing a wedding venue that offers spaces for bridal photography Brisbane is ideal, giving you the power to create your dream wedding setting.

Top 5 Wedding Venues In Brisbane 

Ranked as one of the most liveable cities worldwide, Brisbane has no shortage of picturesque wedding venues for all wedding requirements. Here is a comprehensive list of the top wedding venues in Brisbane, no matter the budget or the theme: 

Hillstone St Lucia

Arguably one of the best and premier wedding venues in Brisbane and Australia, Hillstone St Lucia has all the makings of a fairytale wedding venue. It is on a lush green golf course spanning over 400 sqm of usable space. The venue offers attractive wedding packages that you can avail of to make it a more economical affair. 

Victoria Park

The park looks as exquisite as it sounds and features breathtaking outdoor and indoor spaces that you can use for your wedding ceremonies. Victoria Park is among the most sought-after wedding venues in the country, owing to the numerous options available to the wedding party. The venue features five award-winning function rooms with captivating skyline views, bars, rooftop areas, and dining rooms. You can dance the night away or have a simple, elegant dinner with the multiple options available at Victoria Park. 

Brisbane City Hall

When discussing a grand wedding, remember the Brisbane City Hall. It is a landmark venue with great historical significance and, thus, one of the best places for a majestic and extravagant wedding. The intricate detailing and timeless architecture make it ideal for a regal photoshoot or wedding video. You can choose the main auditorium for your wedding vow exchange ceremony, or you can opt for the Ithaca Room. The clock tower makes for an excellent location for bridal Brisbane photography.  

The Riverview Room

This is the perfect wedding venue if you are working with a budget but are not willing to compromise on grandeur. As the name suggests, the Riverview Room is in Water’s Edge, a waterfront property that offers fantastic city skyline views. The opulent room is beautifully decorated, and the picture windows make It the perfect wedding venue with an invaluable backdrop.  

Howard Smith Wharves

Easily regarded as one of the city’s most tranquil and gorgeous riverside venues, Howard Smith Wharves offers three separate wedding venues with lush green spaces and a riverside setting. The Rivershed is the largest of the three, while the other two (the Bougainvillea Room and the Green House) are more suitable for an intimate wedding party. The RIvershed is a transformed building that retains its old character and offers a stunning view of the Story Bridge. A bright idea for hosting a wedding here is to have all three different spaces for different ceremonies.  

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Preserving the memories of your wedding day is a priceless investment. By choosing the best wedding photographers Brisbane, you can ensure precious moments from the wedding are captured in their true essence. At Studio Moguls, we understand the importance of these memories and strive to recreate the same emotions and feelings through our photography. 

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One of the most prevalent complaints against outsourced wedding editors is that they take too much time to deliver. Our team of dedicated and highly efficient editors ensures that we provide the final product to you within five days (mainly). If you submit projects in bulk, the TAT (Turnaround Time) goes even further. 

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Most people are apprehensive about online wedding editors because they fear they might end up paying for something they are not 100% satisfied with. At Studio Moguls, we understand your reservations, so we have introduced a 100% money-back guarantee. We will refund your money if you are not 100% satisfied with our work. 

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More and more people gravitate towards Studio Moguls because of their proficient and vigilant customer service. While we operate out of Australia, our customer service is always ready to solve any problems, no matter where you are. 

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Problems arise due to a communication gap in most outsourced wedding editing services. Most ideas and instructions are lost in translation. Thankfully, you can now directly talk to your editor and give him any instructions, making things easier for you and the editor. 


Planning a wedding can become overwhelming and expensive unless you start planning the right way. Hiring a professional photographer in Brisbane and finding the right venue are two of the most important things you must do. Adding wedding photography and editing to that list might make managing it easier. 

That is why, at Studio Moguls, we take care of all your wedding multimedia needs for a very agreeable price. Contact us to transform your wedding into an adventure of a lifetime. 


How much does it cost to hire a wedding editor?

Well, the prices usually vary depending on the scale of the project. Some people offer base rates, while others are flexible.  

What should I look for in the perfect wedding venue?

As mentioned above, several factors need to be accounted for. Especially focus on budget, distance, and accommodation when shortlisting a wedding venue. Ensure you get your priority list right and start looking for venues accordingly.  

What are the best wedding venues in Brisbane?

Brisbane has many great wedding venues for every type of wedding. Hillstone St Lucia, Brisbane City Hall and Victoria Park are some of the best locations you can consider for a wedding in Brisbane.  

Does Studio Moguls offer flexibility? Can I give my creative input?

Of course, you can. The idea is to create the perfect wedding reel or album; the only way to achieve this is by delivering what you ask for. We strive for excellence but not at the cost of your needs.