Video Editing Service: You’re living the dream. As a content creator, you’re finally living out your fantasy. Let’s face it- you’re your boss! Every day is a new adventure, from capturing special moments to giving your viewers and fans a glimpse into your everyday world, you’ve always envisioned your life to be like this. Except, well, there’s one tiny little glitch.

You’ve got great content but when it comes to editing, let’s say that you’ve got no filter. And while that’s a great thing in many cases, it’s starting to take a toll on your content. You tend to keep hours upon hours of footage at the ready, and after trimming only ten minutes’ worth, you deem your material worthy for upload.

It goes live and the hours fly by, but your content stays stagnant – no hits, no trends, and pretty soon, you’re calling your friends, family, and anyone who’ll listen to watch your videos. The ones that do love following along with your exciting life! But they tend to click out before they get to the right parts – and with each video being over a half-hour long, who can blame them?

Not to mention, by the time you’re done filming, you’re tired. You don’t want to see yourself on screen anymore and, well, the LAST thing you want to do is see yourself on screen over and over again with the hopes that with each cut, your content improves! So your laptop’s becoming a video graveyard, of sorts, each carefully-curated concept dying a slow, painful, and tedious death as it sits, neglected, for days, months, and sometimes even years.

Luckily for you, objective editors are a few clicks away, and while you’re skeptical that they don’t know every intricate detail about you and your life, the truth is, that might be for the best!

In the beginning, the process is a daunting one – what if this valuable content that you’ve so particularly collated transforms into something else entirely? What if you don’t recognize your videos and, worst of all, random cuts and sound effects make the video into precisely the opposite of what you’ve hoped for? Well, if you’re relying on a professional, chances are he or she will be able to assuage those fears with their work alone, relying on your input every step of the way to ensure that your content continues to reflect you, your brand, your business, and the purpose that you created the video for in the first place. 

If those insecurities sound like you, never fear. Here are a few reasons why outsourcing the job of video editing is the way to go:

Continue to focus on creating content:

Video editing, many times, is the thankless offshoot of what you’ve always been striving for: content creation. It’s no secret that ten minutes of footage can take hours to edit and that disparity increases as your footage lengthen. By getting an editor on board, you can spend your time continuing to create content and investing in simply ideating what’s to come.

1. Strike a balance between subjectivity and objectivity:

As a creator yourself, it’s hard to remain objective. Some creators love everything they record, simply because they know the effort it took to capture those moments! Others come out of each endeavor with almost zero usable footage because, well, they’re way, way too harsh on themselves. 

As a third-party, an outsource video editing service company can highlight the best of your content while filtering through video and audio that, while close to your heart, may not be aiding your content output in any manner. With a trained eye, the video editor of your choice will help you turn your vision into the perfect video!

2. Stay versatile and scalable:

Like a bland diet, bland video content can become unpalatable if not edited the right way. An objective and fresh perspective can ensure that your content stays diverse, even infusing a series of videos with tiny twists and turns to keep it engaging! Also, the tedious process of video editing becomes even more so with each new cut and repetition. If you need steady output – which most content creators do – an editor can attest to keeping your content output regular and timely rather than falling off the wayside and losing both views and videos in the process.

3. Provide a multifaceted approach:

In your hunt for a video editor, there’s a good chance you’ll find someone that has impressive insight as a digital marketer and analyst as well. Often, through their own work experience, an editor will gain an understanding of what types of videos click with given audiences.

Using the knowledge he or she has accumulated, your video editor can help certify that your content not only reflects your authentic voice but also reaches the right audience. A passionate video editor will sometimes even inspire you with creative and fresh marketing ideas that can take your content beyond the boundaries you had initially envisioned for yourself!

Once you’ve decided to hire a video editor or video editing company, the world is your ocean. With sites like Upwork and Fiverr, there’s no shortage of video editors across the globe, waiting to take on their next project and engage with your content in the process. The challenge awaiting you now is: how do you choose?

This is where quality control comes in. For the hundreds of video editors out there, some know their job, inside and out. To filter through the noise, here are some characteristics you should look for when outsourcing your content to be edited:

4. Creativity:

Video editing, just like video producing, is all about telling a story. What engages your audience and, more importantly, how do you keep them engaged and invested in the story you want to say? In this respect, make sure you find an editor that understands the elements of a good story and can envision a masterpiece that captures your attention at the end.

5. A diverse range of skills:

A video editor is much more than a cut-and-paste machine, of course. Often, editing can encompass a plethora of industries, from post-production techniques to audio streaming, special effects, and graphic design and illustration. Using your video editor as a one-stop-shop can work to your advantage, especially if the editor is well-versed in techniques such as stop motion graphics and pop art! Not only does this keep your audience interested, but it also makes your content stand out amidst a world of videos out on the Internet today.

6. Passionate curiosity:

When you’re talking about your content, is your video editor listening? Or are they merely jotting down keywords, hoping to treat your inputs as a checklist to producing what’s expected? Working with a passionate editor that’s as enthusiastic about your journey and your image can make sure that you create a video that’s truly memorable, both for you and your loyal audience and clientele.

7. Quick learner:

As in any creative profession, vision is king. And when you’re the caption of the ship, you’re in charge of making sure that no matter what, your vision shines. By choosing a video editor that learns quickly and communicates effectively, you’ll eliminate time often wasted explaining things multiple times over and can be rest assured that with the editor’s understanding, skill, and insight, your video will turn out picture-perfect.

8. Experience:

Hiring a first-time editor on a big project or passion project is probably not the most excellent idea. Of course, everyone starts from somewhere, and sometimes you can find talent in the most unlikely of places! But if you’re inclined towards someone a bit raw and new to the business, kick things off with a smaller project or contract. Once you ease into the professional relationship and can assess whether this individual is actually what you’re looking for, you can trust this editor to handle some of your most cherished work.

9. Video impact:

Unfortunately, in the rat race of social media, numbers tend to play a significant factor in how well content performs online. In the world of video creation, editing can be the make-or-break trait that transforms a video from routine to viral, only with a few design elements! When researching the editor that you’re hiring, don’t forget to look into a bit of their previous content and see whether you, as an audience member and content consumer, are buying in. Chances are if their videos work on you, they’re a good fit to get your videos out there.

10. Deadline adherence:

Everyone gets busy, but if a video editor is willing to take on your workload, one of the most crucial aspects of a successful business relationship is sticking to a schedule. Their job might be time-consuming and tedious, but don’t be afraid to set specific expectations that must be met. Otherwise, your video will remain a home movie, waiting to be seen by your audiences.

The task of searching for a video editor can be a daunting one. Hopefully, with this quick guide, you can wade through the waters of editing resources to find the right video editing service professionals that will help your videos transform and blossom! 

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